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During 1983 after the vicissitudes and the cessation of the activity of SWM, many good technicians were employed by other companies of this sector; Vergani landed in Aprilia bringing all the technical background matured in 12 years of activity of SWM and contributing significantly to the development of the Venetian company, which his first models, above all the trials were nothing more then some SWM revised and correct. Another company that owes its birth to SWM is the Spanish GAS GAS that at those times was the exclusive importer SWM for the Iberian nation. Josè Maria Pubernard and his member Casas, 2 famous riders of Bultaco, no having longer the motorbikes to sell, asked SWM the possibility to buy the cycling and the superstructures of Jumbo and so they created their first motorbike with Villa’s motorization, which initially followed a series of endurance and cross motorbike of Cagiva’s derivation.

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In this way, we came at the 7° and last chapter of the SWM history. Last year we had left with the presentation of the 48° edition of the “Salone del Ciclo e Motociclo” (International bycicle and morotcycle show) of Milan (1983), and since there we share.


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In this chapter we speak about history of SWM during the 1981 that was banner of more renewals in the fast growth of motorcycle firm of Rivolta d’Adda with strong renewals both within commercial and in the producing one and in the sports one.

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After one year, we return to our history about SWM, and we come in this way to 1982 that had to represent the year of the yet another industrial turn, during which should have been concrete many novelties both for what concerned the models of motorbikes, both for the structures and for the producing units. For the lows of the market first listed, SWM was directed towards a more road production starting with the trial GTS racing and the tourist 124 RZ that unfortunately had few success, the first one because wasn’t implemented by the market and the second because little functional compared to the roads 125 fashionable in those years. Luckily the market of the trial went good and the rest of the production guaranteed a good survival also thanks to the presence of the Lombard firm in all world markets, also the development of the four times had to presage a good future.

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In this paragraph, we would speak about the historical age of SWM between the 1979 and the 1980 that was one of the best periods both in the sports range and in the commercial range. The SWM production started with 900 pcs of the 1973 and evolved with 1750 pcs in 1974, 2500 pcs in 1975, 3000 pcs in 1976, 5000 pcs in 1977 and 6000 pcs in 1978. With the new was presumable another increase, seen the good trend of the market. Pushed by this wave of optimism the technical staff and the SWM run department, after the Swedish Six Days of the ’78 got to work to study the models of the new section.

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