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During 1983 after the vicissitudes and the cessation of the activity of SWM, many good technicians were employed by other companies of this sector; Vergani landed in Aprilia bringing all the technical background matured in 12 years of activity of SWM and contributing significantly to the development of the Venetian company, which his first models, above all the trials were nothing more then some SWM revised and correct. Another company that owes its birth to SWM is the Spanish GAS GAS that at those times was the exclusive importer SWM for the Iberian nation. Josè Maria Pubernard and his member Casas, 2 famous riders of Bultaco, no having longer the motorbikes to sell, asked SWM the possibility to buy the cycling and the superstructures of Jumbo and so they created their first motorbike with Villa’s motorization, which initially followed a series of endurance and cross motorbike of Cagiva’s derivation.

Simultaneously in Rivolta D’Adda, Sironi created the Società Veicoli Milanesi srl thanks to the loyalty of some collaborators and remained friends.
The headquarters was the old establishment of XXV April street and the initial intent was to continue to keep the spare parts service of SWM, continue producing the models still required and starting the production of some new ones trying to make the most the materials still lying in crowded stores of the old SWM.
For 3 years is still produce the trials, all in the Jumbo version and in the displacements of 50, 125, 320 and 350, the XN 350 and 500 4-times in the version with disc brake, was effected a restyling of the 124 RZ, was named 125 TOURING that was graceful with a fairing, a new posterior mudguard, a glove compartment put on the fuel tank to make it more modern and a new white-red and black colouring that remembered vaguely the Honda 500 of that time.
Simultaneously was realized a new version of the 125 and 250 S1 named S3 both motorized Rotax, with water-cooling, new system mono-shock-absorber and new fuel tank with the concealed radiators hours taken up and two big conveyors for the air. The strong enthusiasm of Sironi Pietro, his son Mauro and the good technicians Giannino Trussardi he implemented over 2 years ten of prototypes; some of which have legally entered in production. In addition to the updated of the before mentioned models, to exploit also the numerous amounts of undercarriages and materials of the old S1 was prepared the prototype of an endurance of 125cc, powered TAU that then materialized itself in the 125 EXPLORER, by the innovative ideas and another time ahead of its time, since it provides an unique hull that grouped fairing, radiator shrouds, tank cover and saddle; even in the intentions of Pietro Sironi it had to have the double front light that was not realized because he thought that would not like. Needless to say after some years began to sort out the motorbikes made in this way, and to think that when it was presented in 1985 was widely criticized by the public that, another time, following the fashions was fossilized on the vary roads models hyper-technological but also extra dear like Gilera KK or KZ and Honda NS.
Seeing the difficulties and the loss of the exclusive on the engines ROTAX that now was passed definitively to Aprilia it was decided that to find a new engine that materialized in the Italian Villa Motori of Modena. Francesco Villa, also him forced to close the MotoVilla, devoted himself completely to the production of the old motors, giving the SVM the availability of modify and customize his propellers. By that agreement, in occasion of the fair of the Ciclo and Motociclo of 1985, were prepared a series of prototypes and dummies that would represent the production of the new brand. In a small stand, that remembered vaguely for the alimentations that one of the fair of 1973, were exposed the used mopeds LA, the trial 50 Jumbo with former disc brake, the prototype of the new trial: the TRL 329 MJ, with the motor of Villa derivation, mono-shock-absorber and front disc brake. A new 125 S3 also powered Villa; two dummies-prototypes of endurance road: the precursor of the 125 explorer and 350 four-times with electrical starter, mono-shock-absorber, disc brake and fouling.
Aesthetically they were not very successful, but unfortunately the available time was few and the good technicians Giannino devoted himself heart and soul to the realization of the prototype of a road 125 of racing derivation, that, to honour the commitment and structure also the imagine, was named 125 G.P. Trussardi Prestige: undercarriage completely in aluminium, welded by hand with all the particulars obtained from solid floating disc brake on a new system to 1000 lines, hull track and TAU motor with electronically valve exhaust, maximum declared speed 160 km/h. In the intentions this had to be the motorbike that should mark the final return of SWM in the Italian motorcycling market and that during the fair recived much interest by the olds savvy.
In 1986 the production materialized the new trials and the definitive version of the explorer, whereas terminated the tests of the 125 G.P., in which be taken seriously the possibility of a super power, making some bench tests on a motor which was applied a turbine of Maserati biturbo. Always in 1986, to give a stirred of interest, was presented to the press a revolutionary version of the trial’s model derived from the 329 MJ that provided the water- cooling. Another time an intuition and novelty that, while very interested, created some serious doubts by the concerned. In fact the presented motorbikes were some dummies not working, with empty motors and derived from cross, but in practice was started the testing on a trial Jumbo 125 on which was mounted a water motor of scrambler’s derivation that did not give particular problems of overheating in the trialistic use. The development of the all MJ series gave another time a valid and serious collaboration with the friend Giovanni Tosco that, while withdrawing from the competitions, remained a very good technicians and test, with which developped himself the version mono-shock-absorber of the 350 Jumbo, then move to the definition of the propeller of Villa’s derivation, ending with the version at double disc brake.
Unfortunately to the end of 1986 died the love for the motorbikes of Pietro Sironi, after finding that the interest of the market of that time was finally moved to other brands, then emerging, and that all the efforts were now vain. The market and the dealers still did not incorporate the new models of SVM and even some contacts with Suzuki and Kawasaki Italia succeeded in bringing new enthusiasm; so in 1987 they decided to end the production and to follow the only marketing of the spare parts bringing the stock in the home of Palazzolo Milanese. The planned investment to put in production the 125 G.P. and the water trial were addressed to a new sector that had nothing to do with the mechanical and the motorbikes, hoping that this would ensure new horizons and satisfactions.
Starting from the old passion for the automation of the administrative procedures, that led Sironi to install one of the first CED (data processing centre, they did not still name computers), is taken the electronic road, that with the years led to the production of the system for the uninterrupted power of electronic energy (UPS, adapters and inverter), with the brands Shandy and SHT-POWER, that now are leader in the production, marketing import-export of these products.
After 8 years (from 1987 to 1995) of absolute rejection crisis for the motorbikes, for a chance encounter between Diego Viganò, estimator of the SWM brand and Mauro Sironi, that thought that there was no one left to remember the historic brand, and the subsequent meetings with other friends of a time, Marco Pinoli, Diego Melina and Francesco Cosenza, born the idea of found the REGISTRO STORICO SWM (SWM historical register).
The rest of the recent history more or less knows everyone, SWM is already one of the historical register off-road more loved and followed that managed to have the insight to create the first of create an own trophy vintage, in which the members isn’t only the living room collectors but some real practitioners still likes to use and tarnish their Swums.



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